Life changes when you FIRE

Sorry, I know I have been silent for a month.

In this one month, I had been busy traveling throughout Europe and Asia and thoroughly disconnecting from the grid. This is the first period in my life since I graduated where I had zero work commitments: no slack messages from my colleagues interrupting my time off, and no side hustle business to worry about. I did not have to feel guilty about dedicating the entire month to myself and my family.

And it was awesome.

I recognized that I have been very lucky in my career to get to this point, without worrying about being in a job and having a steady source of income. I caught those lucky breaks at the right time in my career and have now been able to achieve financial independence and choose FIRE.

The holiday was extremely relaxing and allowed me to clear my head and start to dream again. I toyed with the idea of starting a new small business, spending my days reading on the beach, and of relocating to another country. I explored new hobbies and considered signing on for pottery or photography classes.

Alas, I now know that we have to savor every bit of leisure when we can because my life took a turn in July. Don't worry, it was for the better.

My long-time boyfriend proposed and we decided to get married. Yay!

We wanted to keep things simple and elope at the City Hall but I guess we have to make the family happy too. So now I am full-on into wedding planning mode. It’s stressful and financially concerning because everything costs so much more once you tag the word ‘wedding’ on to it. I am trying to balance frugality with appearances as much as possible to keep everyone happy. If it were up to me, I would take the City Hall elopement any day.

Good things come in pairs, don’t they?

I was also suddenly offered a full-time job (based on interviews I did in April). The job scope, the team, and this particular company have always been something I have dreamt of. When I did not get the job in April after the grueling interviews, I had given up hope of ever working for this company in my life. But now, the opportunity has re-presented itself.

As a rule of thumb, I will always do things that minimize my amount of regret. And I know I will regret it if I did not take this opportunity. After more twists and turns, I have accepted the offer. This means in August, I will no longer be FIRE, just FI.

I am sure it's disappointing to followers of FIRE whenever they find out their favorite FIRE blogger (which can be anyone) has decided to return to work, and it goes against the whole concept of being FIRE. It’s a little demotivating even. I completely acknowledge that.

I guess I am normal FIRE now and taking this job for a few more years is going to make me possible FAT FIRE, which sounds like a good deal to me. It will also take the financial stress off if and when we have kids because I recently discovered the atrocious amounts private schools charge.

Of course, I will continue to save 70% of my income like before, and invest in the currently volatile and unpredictable stock market, to achieve FAT FIRE.

Wish me luck with all these new changes in my life!