Top Early Retirement (FIRE) blogs to inspire you

The earliest personal finance blogs took off when blogging started to go mainstream after 2011. As FIRE became a more popular concept and money discussions were no longer a taboo topic reserved for accountants during tax season, more members of the FIRE community started sharing more of their actual financial journeys online in dedicated FIRE blogs.


Here are some of my favourite FIRE blogs which sparked the inspiration in me and kept me a believer all these years:

  1. - Mr Money Mustache might be one of the most famous FIRE bloggers in this space, inspiring a whole community of mustachians and having regular events like Camp Mustache. I love his witty and no-nonsense way of writing.

  2. - I stumbled across Sam’s blog much later in my journey but in many ways, his path to financial independence is quite similar to mine. He spent 13 years working in a high growth sector (investment banking) and retired at age 34 in San Francisco. Being one of the very first bloggers that ignited the FIRE movement, there is a ton of wisdom on his blog and I strongly encourage everyone to read it.

  3. - Firecracker’s story as a millennial who got their shit together is both inspiring and colourful. If you are a millennial, here’s a model, if you are not, it’s a strong reminder to yourself not to become more YOLO than a millennial.

  4. - while searching for female FIRE bloggers which are pretty rare in this space, I came across Michelle’s blog and her legendary income reports making over a million dollars a year. Definitely a must read.

  5. - I first discovered the Mad Fientist through his podcasts and not his blog. I love all the intellectually stimulating conversations he has with people he interviews and I have discovered a lot about happiness and life beyond FIRE through the content he creates.

  6. - Mr15HWW is based in Singapore, and he generously shares the details of his portfolio and monthly expenses with his readers, which is both inspiring and motivating. Whenever I looked at my expenses compared to his, I totally feel like a privileged brat.

I plan to add to this list as I wade deeper into the FIRE community and start following more bloggers. What’s your favourite personal finance blog? Who has inspired you to pursue the path to financial independence? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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